At the University of California, Irvine, Turney regularly teaches undergraduate courses on families and health. She also teaches graduate courses on research design, family and the law, and family inequality.


Sociology 62: Families and Intimate Relations

This course looks at the institution of the American family through the lens of sociology. We consider the theoretical perspectives underlying sociological research on families, examine demographic trends in family life, and examine inequalities in the social structure surrounding families.


Sociology 154: Medical Sociology

This course takes a multidisciplinary perspective on the social forces shaping population health and health care delivery, with a particular focus on the social distribution of health, illness and mortality.


Sociology 265: DASA Research Design

This course covers the fundamentals of social science research design. The readings place emphasis on principles that are applicable in all kinds of research, including ethnography, qualitative interviewing, content analysis, survey research, and demographic analysis.


Sociology 269: Inequalities in Contemporary U.S. Families

This course examines inequalities in contemporary U.S. families. We examine the role of the family in creating and maintaining inequality, both intra-generationally and inter-generationally, focusing on inequalities across a variety of domains (e.g., housing, the child welfare system, and the criminal legal system).